“Show ‘Em the Ropes”

TC-SETR-Web-Temp-image-v1_1-300x200One of the more joyful aspects of pastoring here in Hamilton, ON is the opportunity to collaborate with many other pastors and ministries in serving the city together. Our church has been partnering with others in a movement called, TrueCity Hamilton, for more than a decade now. As a movement, TrueCity churches work together for the good of the city through mission and training opportunities. Continue reading


“A Rage to Suppress Chaos”

IMG_1278 - CopyYesterday marked a full month since I submitted my doctoral thesis project. In the past 30+ days, I have caught up on sleep, spent lots of time simply hanging out as a family, played lots of board games, watched all seven Star Wars movies, gone on a couple hikes, and started on my stack of post-dissertation leisurely reading. It’s been a delightful space to be in. Soon, I’ll need to give attention to preparing for my defense (later this spring), but for now, the space to breathe and play has been good. Continue reading

In My Bones

IMG_0865Around our house, we joke about how the cold gets into my bones. My kids throw around the “old man” label when I complain about it being cold. To compensate, I develop seasonal habits of indulging in hot chocolate and consuming lots of different soups, especially homemade chili, to try to convince my bones they’ll be okay.  I have oversized blankets strategically placed on a couple different couches, extra comforters on the bed, and thick socks in ready supply.  Sometimes, however, it seems that no matter what I do, the cold gets into my bones. Continue reading