Yeah – What Michael Said.

TC-SETR-Web-Temp-image-v1_1-300x200At the end of February, I had the privilege of participating in the TrueCity Conference here in Hamilton, ON. This annual conference gathers Christians from across the city for worship, encouragement, and learning. I find this gathering to be one of the more enriching experiences during the year because we are able to experience and celebrate the unity of Christ’s body together as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ. 

This year’s conference focused on discipleship through the metaphor of apprenticeship. While I could (and will probably) write more about this theme, I’m posting here to link a review that Michael Knowles wrote, which gets at the heart of the TrueCity movement – “churches together for the good of the city.” Michael’s closing remark resonates deeply with my experience : “I came away hopeful. If this is the church of the future — if this is what Christ is doing across the whole of our beleaguered old church — then discouragement is in serious trouble.”

If you have a few moments, let me encourage you to check out Michael’s reaction to this year’s conference and then head over to the TrueCity Hamilton website to see a bit more of what we are up to.