A New Start

Admittedly the timing is suspicious, even a bit cliche. Those warnings about adopting puppies as Christmas presents should probably apply to starting blogs at New Years.

For several years now, I’ve blogged sporadically at Muddied Prayers. Some seasons have been more intentional – even daily during Advent 2014.  For almost all of 2015, I pulled back from blogging and from most other social media as I gave a final push on my thesis (a post for a different day). It’s made for a rather narrowly and academically focused year. I skipped out on a couple family vacations, turned down a speaking and teaching opportunities, and confined my reading to books on the missional church movement. (And as much as I love my topic, it could be a while before I pick up another book related to my thesis.)

However, having submitted the thesis, I’ve been eager for a new start to a lot of good things that have needed to sit on the sidelines this past year. Lots of family time, renewed exercise, recreational reading top my agenda. It will be good to regain some balance between work and play and sleep. Along with these essential transitions, also comes some new endeavors that I’ve had my heart set on doing for a while now. (Thankfully, no new pets have been acquired in this season.) Among the new initiatives is this blog and @chrisjschoon instagram and twitter accounts.

Muddied Prayers is still up and running, albeit with a new focus as we enter 2016. I’ve shifted my attention over there to writing specifically about worship and faith formation, giving primary attention to prayers, litanies, devotionals, and spiritual disciplines. As that blog takes on its more particular focus, this site, christopherjschoon.com, will be for pretty much whatever else I happen to be thinking about – a dangerous scope, I know, and hopefully, a pooper-scooper won’t be needed too often. The purpose here is to provide a platform for my various musings, random thoughts, and occasional insights into the world as I encounter it.

With my return to blogging, I’m looking forward to picking up the practice of writing simply for the sake of writing. It feels like meeting up with an old friend who has been away far too long. Arranging, curating, and sometimes even creating words to simultaneously capture and express ideas continues to be one of my great joys. And after the past year of academically focused writing, it will be good to write creatively and broadly again. Hopefully, some of those writings will prove to be meaningful and encouraging to you in the year ahead.

So yeah, I realize it’s a bit cliche to take this blog out for its first walk at the start of a new year. But believe me, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for quite a while now. It’s good just to start writing like this again.

Happy New Year!